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August 11, 2015

During this week’s #MSPHour we discussed topics focused on entrepreneurship – including how millennials are joining the work force, how Uber has effected the metro area and what we can expect from imminent minimum wage hikes.

I think its safe to say that minimum wage increases are very likely to happen in the Minneapolis metro soon and there will likely be some fallout from it as well. There is a chance that the amount we pay for food, drinks, and fun will likely increase as many of these service workers are making minimum wage. How do you feel about the new minimum wage laws – do those that mainly work for tips deserve a higher wage? Should this wage be allocated only to those who REALLY are working minimum wage? Tweet with the hashtag #MSPHour with your thoughts!

Don’t forget, #MSPHour takes place every Tuesday at 1PM CST! Topics change each month, but are related to business and entrepreneurship in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Metro!